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06 Oct 2023

Challenges in predicting individual poverty status from MNO customer segmentation metrics and phone surveys: a Papua New Guinea case study

06 Oct 2023

Flowminder standards in producing mobility and population estimates from call details records in low- and middle-income countries

06 Oct 2023

Assessing the utility of mobile network operator data in geospatial models of poverty - a Ghana case study

06 Oct 2023

Using survey data to correct for representation biases in mobility indicators derived from mobile operator data to produce high-frequency estimates of population and internal migration

06 Oct 2023

Correcting measurement biases in the detection of long and short stay locations in sparse Call Detail Records (CDRs)

06 Oct 2023

The impact of apparent ‘teleports’ on the estimation of mobility from Call Detail Records (CDRs)

06 Oct 2023

Monitoring the impact of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 mobility restrictions: Flowminder CDR analysis in seven low- and middle-income countries

06 Oct 2023

Enabling the Ghanaian National Statistics Office to produce official statistics derived from mobile operator data with applications across the public sector

04 Apr 2022

Mobile phone usage data for disaster response

Communications of the ACM: 04 April 2022. Volume 65. Issue 4.
04 Oct 2021

Guiding principles to maintain public trust in the use of mobile operator data for policy purposes

Cambridge University Press: 01 October 2021. Data & Policy, 3, E24. doi:10.1017/dap.2021.21
26 Jun 2021

Analysis of call detail records to inform the COVID-19 response in Ghana—opportunities and challenges

Cambridge University Press: 23 June 2021.
25 Nov 2020

Gridded Population Survey Sampling: A Review of the Field and Strategic Research Agenda

Preprints, 2019110072