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FlowKit: Unlocking access to mobile data. Controlled by operators, for the greater good.

The biggest challenge for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and humanitarian and development actors interested in engaging with each other is in overcoming the hurdles in providing the non-MNO party with secure and privacy-conscious access to sensitive data.

This is why we built FlowKit.

FlowKit is our open-source suite of software tools designed and developed with support from Dial, GSMA and the Rockefeller Foundation. FlowKit enables the secure access and analysis of de-identified subscribers’ mobility patterns and network usage.

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The development of FlowKit has been informed by Flowminder’s experience in collaborating with MNOs to achieve social impact. The toolkit facilitates the management, processing and analysis of mobile data, reducing the overhead for operators in supporting humanitarian and development agencies, hence enabling MNOs to scale efficiently and securely the use of their data for public good purposes.

For help on installing FlowKit or to discuss potential collaborations using the tool, please contact us.

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One of the key challenges during an emergency is getting help to those who need it the most as efficiently as possible. A tool like FlowKit could really change things, not only helping us to locate and assist people during an emergency, but to help us plan better, particularly in disaster prone countries. This could save lives, not just time and money.

— Christine Latif, World Vision

Access is controlled by mobile operators through an API

The API (Application Programming Interface) provides a restricted, audited and secure access to the algorithms and methods built within FlowKit that are designed to efficiently compute outputs from the CDR data. Data analysts can then interact with the aggregated data to carry out their analyses. By providing a trusted, secure method for data access, FlowKit simplifies the challenge of facilitating compliant access to this sensitive data.

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FlowKit is in active development: the toolkit is continuously evolving as techniques and learnings derived from research and the wider community are incorporated back into the core tools. Visit our github website to get a sense about upcoming developments:

FlowKit GitHub

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