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We provide flexible solutions tailored to your needs to support your development and humanitarian interventions.

We work with de-identified mobile operator data, satellite and household survey data to support your needs for data-driven insights.

With a strong grounding in the development and humanitarian sectors and a decade of experience in working with private data providers, we provide solutions backed by in-house research published in top academic journals.

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If we want to achieve the SDGs, we need to invest in data systems, and we are confident that our successful partnership with Vodafone Ghana and Flowminder is the way forward to leverage data for good.

— Omar Seidu, Head of Demographic Statistics and SDGs Coordinator at Ghana Statistical Service

Case Study

Integrating mobile operator data into official statistics in Ghana

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Case Study

Modelling optimal site placement for COVID-19 vaccination in Nigeria

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The Flowminder results helped in many ways. In fact, it was a game changer for optimising our vaccination team effort and improving vaccination coverage, rapidly

— Dr Hadley Ikwe, Senior Immunisation Specialist US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (Nigeria)

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