We provide flexible solutions tailored to your needs to support your development and humanitarian interventions.

We work with de-identified mobile operator data, satellite and household survey data to support your needs for data-driven insights.

With a strong grounding in the development and humanitarian sectors and a decade of experience in working with private data providers, we provide solutions backed by in-house research published in top academic journals.

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Satellite imagery - Haiti?

The example from Haiti demonstrates how mobile data analysis could revolutionise disaster and emergency responses.

— World Economic Forum (2011) Big Data, Big Impact: New Possibilities For International Development, p.5

Case Study

Integrating mobile operator data into official statistics in Ghana

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04 Apr 2022

Mobile phone usage data for disaster response

Communications of the ACM: 04 April 2022. Volume 65. Issue 4.
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18 Feb 2022

[In French] Guide détaillé sur l’intégration d’une optique sensible au genre et inclusive dans les interventions de vaccination de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

[In French] Fiche de Support : Intégration d’une analyse comparative entre les sexes et inclusive dans la micro-planification au niveau de l’aire de santé

20 Dec 2021

[In French] Guide simplifié pour intégrer une analyse comparative entre les sexes et inclusive dans vos interventions de vaccination en RDC

20 Dec 2021

Guiding principles to maintain public trust in the use of mobile operator data for policy purposes

04 Oct 2021
Cambridge University Press: 01 October 2021. Data & Policy, 3, E24. doi:10.1017/dap.2021.21