We provide flexible solutions tailored to your needs to support your development and humanitarian interventions.

We work with de-identified mobile operator data, satellite and household survey data to support your needs for data-driven insights.

With a strong grounding in the development and humanitarian sectors and a decade of experience in working with private data providers, we provide solutions backed by in-house research published in top academic journals.

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Satellite imagery - Haiti?

The example from Haiti demonstrates how mobile data analysis could revolutionise disaster and emergency responses.

— World Economic Forum (2011) Big Data, Big Impact: New Possibilities For International Development, p.5

Case Study

Integrating mobile operator data into official statistics in Ghana

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27 Apr 2021

COVID-19 | Ghana: Report #3: Insight into the effect of mobility restrictions in Ghana using anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data

Produced by Flowminder, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) & Vodafone Ghana. COVID-19 | Ghana: Report #3, April 2021
Nam Covid Thumbnail
08 Apr 2021

COVID-19: Supporting the Government of Namibia with mobility data

Produced by Flowminder Foundation / GRID3, MTC Namibia, Namibia Statistics Agency. December 2020.

COVID-19: Supporting the Government of Sierra Leone with mobility data

15 Jan 2021
Produced by Sierra Leone's Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI); Flowminder Foundation / GRID3; Africell Sierra Leone; MIT GovLab; MIT Civic Data Design Lab. December 2020.

CEDIL Methods Working Papers: Using big data for evaluating development outcomes: a systematic map

05 Jan 2021
CEDIL Methods Working Paper. Oxford: Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL).

Gridded Population Survey Sampling: A Review of the Field and Strategic Research Agenda

25 Nov 2020
Preprints, 2019110072