Human mobility has important implications for decision-makers working across a broad range of sectors, including those working in government. Anonymised and aggregated mobile operator data provide near-real time insights into human mobility at high spatial and temporal resolution across a whole country and, after correcting for representation biases using survey data, can support decision-makers across a broad range of applications.

To integrate mobile operator data into official statistics, and support branches of the government in using novel data sources for improved decision-making, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), Vodafone Ghana and Flowminder entered a unique and long-standing partnership - the Data for Good partnership - for the wellbeing of all in Ghana.

In order to support GSS and other MDAs, the Data for Good partnership has focussed on delivering CDR-derived indicators for several applications including official mobility statistics, dynamic public health indicators, and dynamic disaster risk mapping

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Flowminder Foundation, Goldenberg R, et al. (2023). Enabling the Ghanaian National Statistics Office to produce official statistics derived from mobile operator data with applications across the public sector.

This abstract was accepted and presented at Netmob 2023.

NetMob is the primary conference on the analysis of mobile phone datasets in social, urban, societal and industrial problems.

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