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06 Oct 2023

Challenges in predicting individual poverty status from MNO customer segmentation metrics and phone surveys: a Papua New Guinea case study

06 Oct 2023

Using survey data to correct for representation biases in mobility indicators derived from mobile operator data to produce high-frequency estimates of population and internal migration

18 Sep 2019

Towards high-resolution sex-dissagregated dynamic mapping

Data2X, Final Report
09 Aug 2018

Linking Synthetic Populations to Household Geolocations: A Demonstration in Namibia

Data, 2018, 3, 30
30 Mar 2018

Improving household surveys and use of data to address health inequities in three Asian cities: protocol for the Surveys for Urban Equity (SUE) mixed methods and feasibility study

BMJ Open, 018;8:e024182. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-024182
21 Nov 2017

Malaria prevalence metrics in low- and middle-income countries: an assessment of precision in nationally-representative surveys

Malaria Journal, Nov. 2017
30 Apr 2017

Big Data and the Well-Being of Women and Girls: Applications on the Social Scientific Frontier

Apr. 2017
05 Apr 2017

Exploring the high-resolution mapping of gender-disaggregated development indicators

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Volume 14, issue 129
01 Feb 2017

Mapping poverty using mobile phone and satellite data

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, February 2017 Volume 14, issue 127
20 May 2016

Census-Derived Migration Data as a Tool for Informing Malaria Elimination Policy

Malaria Journal, May 2016
16 Feb 2016

Spatially disaggregated population estimates in the absence of national population and housing census data

PNAS, April 3, 2018 | vol. 115 | no. 14 |
30 Sep 2015

Creating Spatial Interpolation Surfaces with DHS Data

DHS Spatial Analysis Reports, Sep 2015