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18 Sep 2019

Towards high-resolution sex-dissagregated dynamic mapping

Data2X, Final Report
22 Feb 2019

Estimation of poverty in Somalia using innovative methodologies

World Bank, Poverty & Equality Global Practice Working Paper 191
30 Jan 2019

Estimating poverty in a fragile context: the high frequency survey in South Sudan

World Bank, Poverty & Equity Global Practice Working Paper 189
30 Apr 2017

Big Data and the Well-Being of Women and Girls: Applications on the Social Scientific Frontier

Apr. 2017
05 Apr 2017

Exploring the high-resolution mapping of gender-disaggregated development indicators

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Volume 14, issue 129
01 Feb 2017

Mapping poverty using mobile phone and satellite data

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, February 2017 Volume 14, issue 127
19 Mar 2015

Fine Resolution Mapping of Population Age- structures For Health and Development Applications

VA Alegana, PM Atkinson, C Pezzulo, A Sorichetta, D Weiss, T Bird, E Erbach-Schoenberg, and A Tatem. Royal Society Interface, Mar 2015