Produced by Flowminder Foundation, MTC Namibia, Namibia Statistics Agency, December 2020.



Anonymised and aggregated data from Mobile Network Operators is a key data source for understanding the mobility patterns of populations, and improving decision-making and scenario planning during the COVID-19 epidemic. This data can be analysed in near real-time and provide an overview of mobility patterns across all of Namibia.

This report presents a mobility analysis from 17 March to 14 October 2020, based on baseline data from 16 February to 16 March 2020.

This report was produced to support the Government of Namibia in understanding mobility patterns across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report presents findings related to overall mobility, flows and travelled distance and presence, which are key indicators produced from aggregated and de-identified mobile operator data.

Reading the graphs

Most results are expressed as percentage changes from the baseline period preceding the announcement of the state of national emergency (17 March), i.e. compared to normal conditions.

Data sources

MTC provided de-identified Call Detail Records (CDR) of their subscribers to Flowminder on a server installed behind the MTC firewall (subscriber privacy was thereby protected and no individual subscriber identifiable). Flowminder then aggregated the records (see here and here for methodology). Flowminder then derived the mobility indicators presented in this report (see here for the method).

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