William Hoffman,
World Economic Forum

Flowminder's OPAL programme - Advisory Board member

William Hoffman leads the World Economic Forum’s Data for Common Purpose Initiative and its global community of industry, civil society, government and academic leaders. Focused on catalysing the deployment of public-private data collaboratives, William’s work at the Forum addresses the need for principle-based governance, demand-based innovation and the need for a balanced, inclusive and sustainable data ecology. In particular, he leads a multi-year initiative on advancing the need for human-centered approaches which empower individuals with greater autonomy and inclusiveness.
Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, William was the Director of Enterprise Marketing at AT&T. He sits on the advisory board of Seeds of Promise in Malawi which focus on innovative uses of technology for education, gender empowerment, sustainable agriculture and skills development.

Distributed architectures are central for enabling a trustworthy and inclusive transition to a data-driven economy. OPAL plays a central role driving this transition forward.

— William Hoffman