Flowminder’s Flowkit reduces the time required to provide robust mobility data following a disaster by continuously analysing MNO data. When the disaster occurs, the baseline is ready and FlowKit’s ability to perform “near real-time analysis” allows disaster response actors to understand displacement patterns and plan aid and assistance effectively. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently is critical in disaster management, especially where resources are limited.

FlowKit  has also been designed to address one of the most pressing issues in humanitarian and development initiatives; data security and privacy. FlowKit complies with GSMA data privacy guidelines by being installed behind the MNO’s firewall, restricting access through its secure API to authorised users only. The aggregates it generates are anonymised meaning individual data is protected.

Read about more FlowKit, and the support provided by GSMA, in this short report "M4H Innovation Fund lessons and outcomes: Flowminder"

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