Bill Gates uses Flowminder analytics in his "End Malaria 2040" strategic vision for a malaria free world, aiming to wipe out the disease within a generation. A combined effort by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the UN MDGM and regional governments, "From Aspiration to Action" involves Flowminder’s advanced analysis techniques to accurately map malaria attributes in affected countries.

"End Malaria 2040" presents a strategic vision for a malaria free world co-ordinated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the UN MDGM and regional governments. Fuelled by a 2000% increase in malaria funding between 2000 and 2013, emerging technologies such as mobile phone call data record (CDR) analyses and modern treatment programmes, the renewed commitment to malaria eradication is characterised by "End Malaria 2040". The programme's key report, "From Aspiration to Action" was written by Bill Gates and the UN, with contributions from other significant organizations. Flowminder provided essential analysis and a demonstration of how valuable CDR research is to the fight against malaria.

Flowminder’s analysis combined malaria parasite prevalence data with modelling of human movement patterns based on census data and mobile call data records (CDRs) to produce high-resolution maps of parasite mobility within endemic countries. Applied to regional blocks like Southern Africa, this enables key decision-makers to co-ordinate malaria policy to achieve the best results and increase efficiency.

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