The Rockefeller Foundation and Oxford Internet Institute invited Dr. Bengtsson to present at the Big Data and Social Change conference in 2014, joining other big data experts and researchers at the frontline of big data analysis. Flowminder’s analytical techniques are recognised as an exemplar case study for the rest of the field in a white paper compiled at the Bellagio conference.

The 2014 Big Data summit provided an opportunity for researchers, activists and big data experts to discuss pressing issues in the field, and to contribute to a white paper on big data and positive social change in the developing world. In the report, Flowminder analytics are used as a case study in the field of call data record (CDR) and social data analysis. The conference focused on how big data can become a resource to power positive social change in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), in which Flowminder operates.

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