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Véronique Lefebvre, PhD
Director of Data Analysis

Véronique is a researcher in data science and signal processing. As Flowminder’s Director of Data Analysis, she is responsible for leading and overseeing the development of the organisation's analytical methods, and quality control of data outputs. The aims of the analysis team are to (1) estimate population mobility patterns from mobile phone usage data, with particular focus on monitoring and understanding human mobility in crisis, informing infectious disease control, and assessing the representativity of mobile operator data through surveys; (2) to develop fast algorithms to optimise the spatial allocation of public services such as schools and vaccination sites; and (3) geospatial modelling of indicators from geo-referenced survey data, in low- and middle-income countries.

Véronique trained as a biomedical engineer at ESIL (France), specialising in signal and image processing. She obtained her PhD in signal processing applied to neuroimaging from the University of Sheffield (UK) and worked as a post doctoral researcher in mathematical modelling in Neuroscience at University College London (UK), and in Theoretical Ecology at Imperial College (UK) before joining Flowminder.

Her core research interest is on the optimisation of information extraction and integration from multiple data sources. She joined Flowminder in 2016 in order to apply this work in support of humanitarian and human development efforts.