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Romain Goldenberg, PhD
Data Scientist & Trainer

As Data Scientist & Trainer, Romain is responsible for training and strengthening the competences of data analysts from government, private sector or civil society who want to effectively analyse and interpret mobile operator data. To this end, he develops training curricula and run online and in-person learning sessions, as well as conduct his own data analyses to contribute to the data science work of Flowminder.

Romain completed his PhD at the Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University, focusing on spatial analyses of nature's benefits for sustainable urban regions. Prior to this, he completed his engineering education from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland, specialised in environmental sciences. He has previously worked on different scientific projects and for different companies, notably on climate change data analysis, flood modelling or spatial analyses applied to urban mobility.

Romain joined Flowminder to help share its know-how; his goal being to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of vulnerable populations, by helping strengthening their capacity to take data informed decisions. Romain enjoys learning about and synthesising Flowminder's knowledge on mobile operator data analysis, to develop and share new learning resources that are both accessible and state of the art.