Lisa FM Board Website

Lisa Leenhouts-Martin,
Board member

As an innovation and strategic growth expert, Lisa brings extensive experience in cross-sector partnerships and scaling emerging digital and health technologies. Lisa is the co-founder and CEO of the Forward Group, which advises startups, biotech, government, and multi-lateral organizations on achieving growth and sustainable impact. With a focus on value creation and driving impact, her expertise lies in areas such as innovation, digital transformation, AI, blockchain, fundraising, and public-private partnerships.

Lisa has spent her career in health and development, designing global partnerships with notable organizations like the UN World Health Organization, Gavi, The Global Fund, European Commission, and Fortune 500 companies.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys triathlons, skiing, and being outdoors.

As one of Flowminder's Board members, Lisa provides us with strategic advisory on achieving impact and scale for our next phase of growth. She also shares her expertise on leveraging stakeholder ecosystems, including potential approaches for resource mobilisation and collaboration through public private partnerships. Finally, she aims to co-create a supportive governance culture that empowers Flowminder as an organisation.