Our People NEW 04

Galina Veres, MSc, PhD
Data Scientist

Galina is a Data Scientist responsible for analysing mobile (CDR) data, learning normal behaviour of individuals and groups and identifying any significant changes in normal behaviour due to crisis situations such as internal conflicts, pandemics, natural disasters.

Before joining Flowminder, Galina has worked for 20 years as Senior Research Engineer at the University of Southampton's IT Innovation Centre doing research in the fields of computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, statistical analysis, time series analysis, and detection of abnormal pattern and behaviours in time series and video sequences followed by a short spell at an industry (Data Science, Senseye Ltd) doing anomaly detection in univariate time series.

She is passionate about research to understand behaviours of both individuals and populations. Additionally, she hopes that her research will help the people in low- and middle-income countries in critical situations.