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Christopher Brooks, EngD
Senior Data Analyst

Chris received a Bachelor's degree in Acoustical Engineering from the University of Southampton, and then completed an Engineering Doctorate on the modelling of jet engine noise. He has collaborated with a number of industrial partners on applied machine learning applications, including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Proctor & Gamble, UKSport, and the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Chris has been a core member of the analytics team at Flowminder since 2015. He has a wide-ranging role which has encompassed information security, big data analytics development, system administration, data analytics for telecoms, geospatial analysis, and data analysis for crisis response/recovery.

Chris joined Flowminder to apply the multidisciplinary skillset he developed from past experience within the engineering industry, to a non-profit mission of improving public health and welfare in countries around the globe.