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Alistair Steward, MSc
Spatial Data Analyst & Data Use Adviser

As a Spatial Data Analyst & Data Use Adviser, Alistair draws insight from spatial data, helping to solve problems such as location of new facilities to meet the needs of the greatest number of people. He mostly contributes to projects within the GRID3 programme.

Alistair joined Flowminder after retraining in GIS through the GIMA MSc course at Utrecht University and an internship at the International Peace Information Service in Antwerp. Prior to this, he spent five years working in media analysis and numerous summers driving tractors for the harvest season on various arable farms.

He joined Flowminder to continue advancing his GIS knowledge in an organisation that is forward-thinking and actively improving the world. Alistair enjoys learning new GIS techniques and then deploying them to better understand the spatial elements of Flowminder's projects, derive insights that can be actioned on the ground, and to make existing workflows more efficient.