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11 Jun 2020

COVID-19 | Haiti: Report, June 2020 - Privacy-conscious data analytics to support the COVID-19 response in Haiti

Produced by Flowminder, COVID-19 | Haiti: Report, June 2020. PDF Report
18 Mar 2015

Using Mobile Phone Data to Predict the Spatial Spread of Cholera

By Linus Bengtsson, Jean Gaudart, Xin Lu, Sandra Moore, Erik Wetter, Kankoe Sallah, Stanislas Rebaudet, and Renaud Piarroux. Scientific Reports, Mar 2015
18 Jun 2012

Predictability of Population Displacement After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

PNAS, Jun 2012
30 Aug 2011

Improved Response to Disasters and Outbreaks by Tracking Population Movements with Mobile Phone Network Data: A Post- Earthquake Geospatial Study in Haiti

PloS Medicine, Aug 2011