25 Sep 2020

COVID-19 | Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Report, May 2020. Initial insights into the effect of mobility restrictions using anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data

Produced by Flowminder & Vodacom Congo. PDF reports available in English & French.
11 Jun 2020

COVID-19 | Haiti: Report, June 2020 - Privacy-conscious data analytics to support the COVID-19 response in Haiti

Produced by Flowminder, COVID-19 | Haiti: Report, June 2020. PDF Report
15 May 2020

COVID-19 | Ghana: Report #2: Insights into the effect of mobility restrictions in Ghana using anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data.

Produced by Flowminder, COVID-19 | Ghana: Report #2
09 Apr 2020

Mobility data products and analyses from mobile operator data: focus on Call Detail Records in low- and middle-income countries

Produced by Flowminder, Last updated 09 April 2020, Version V1.0
03 Apr 2020

COVID-19 | Ghana: Report #1: Mobility analysis to support the Government of Ghana in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak

Produced by Flowminder.
26 Mar 2020

Enabling MNOs to produce mobility indicators to support the COVID-19 response

By Flowminder, Resources for Mobile Network Operators. PDF report
18 Sep 2019

Towards high-resolution sex-dissagregated dynamic mapping

Data2X, Final Report
06 Aug 2019

Detecting individual internal displacements following a sudden-onset disaster using time series analysis of call detail records, arXiv:1908.02377 [physics.soc-ph]
06 Aug 2019

Estimating the resilience to natural disasters by using call detail records to analyse the mobility of internally displaced persons, arXiv:1908.02381 [physics.soc-ph]
08 Apr 2019

Past and future spread of the arbovirus vectors Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus

Nature Microbiology, 4, 854–863 (2019)
26 Mar 2019

Exploring the use of mobile phone data for national migration statistics

Palgrave Communications, Palgrave Communications 5, Article number: 34 (2019)
27 Feb 2019

FlowKit: Unlocking the power of mobile data for humanitarian and development purposes

Flowminder, Flowminder-DIAL White Paper