Flowminder is currently seeking a Project Manager based in Ghana to manage the delivery of in-country projects and programmes in countries in West Africa.

These projects are:

  • Data for Good Phase 2 Mobility Data project in Ghana;
  • Mobility Data Capacity building project in Nigeria (Data Science Nigeria and Nigeria Government).

The role requires strong Project Management skills, and outstanding networking and relationship building skills.

Project Specific Requirements

These responsibilities are specific to this role, and the projects it is responsible for.

In-country networking and relationship building

Build and maintain excellent working relationships with in-country stakeholders and seek opportunities to build new relationships deemed beneficial to the success of the projects in Ghana and Nigeria. Specifically:

  • Engage with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), in particular helping to build relevant linkages, and maintain effective relationships, with MNO contact points; and supporting Flowminder to access MNO leaders and technical staff, being a conduit for information exchange and meeting etc., as required
  • Engage with government bodies relevant to the pursuit of mobility data objectives in Ghana and Nigeria, including the Ministry of Communication, the Government Regulator of MNOs and related bodies
  • Ensure effective communication, coordination and liaison about mobility data and Flowminder’s work on this in Ghana and Nigeria with all relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

User engagement

  • Maintain awareness of what users need, and are looking for, in terms of uses and/or applications of mobility data in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Support Flowminder in building an enhanced understanding of the user needs and specifications for both current data products and new (mobility-related) data with particular emphasis on, but not limited to, use for COVID-19 response
  • Contribute to Community of Practice efforts understanding the conversations taking place on the CoP platforms and maintain a presence in these to build knowledge and better understand data user needs and requests

Project Management Responsibilities

These are the standard responsibilities of Project Managers at Flowminder.

Project set-up and closure

  • Responsible for the set up of the project, including output and deliverable definition
  • Responsible for delivering projects as per contractual agreements
  • Responsible for managing project closure, following organisational requirements
  • Ensure that lessons learned are captured during the project and through project closure, and used for continuous improvement purposes
  • Responsible for capturing good practice examples throughout the project and contributing to a repository

Stakeholder engagement and communications

  • Responsible for ensuring a communications plan is in place for the project
  • Develop and maintain stakeholder maps to capture the multiple interests and influences on the project
  • Responsible for ensuring that Flowminder’s work is well coordinated with the efforts of all other participating stakeholders to ensure that the needs of stakeholders are appropriately balanced
  • Responsible for maintaining close communications with Flowminder colleagues including the Senior Leadership Team, technical leads of the programmes, the PMO and operational staff (Admin, Finance, HR)
  • Work closely with the Project Sponsor to liaise with clients, key external stakeholders and colleagues to define the future work, expand into new countries and identify potential funding extensions
  • Support Product Managers to engage with external stakeholders so that Product Specifications are appropriately matched to user needs.

Planning and estimating

  • Responsible for the production and regular update of the project plan using Asana, tracking the progress of outputs and activities and taking corrective measures if/when deliverables are getting behind schedule
  • Responsible for working with functional leads to develop and improve estimating from project learnings

Capacity planning and resource management

  • Responsible for the coordination of allocations of resources assigned to the project, working closely with the PMO team, finance and delivery functions to balance resource needs
  • Responsible for the review and collaboration of resource cost allocations assigned to project budgets

Benefits Management

  • Responsible for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), engaging external support where it is agreed to establish a MEL system for the project
  • Ensure that appropriate tools (e.g. logframe), key performance indicators and quality tracking (both quantitative and qualitative) are in place and being used


  • Responsible for producing high-quality project reports (narrative and financial) for internal and client/funder requirements
  • Responsible for effective, regular and timely updates and ongoing communication with the Sponsor and Senior Leadership Team

Risk Management

  • Responsible for identifying project risk, documenting and ensuring mitigation strategies are put in place
  • Responsible for maintaining ongoing communication with HR, Data Governance and Compliance and security management functions at Flowminder regarding relevant contextual developments, risk mitigation measures and incident reporting

Issue Management

  • Responsible for identifying, documenting and managing project issues. Appropriate escalation channels to be used as required.

Change control

  • Responsible for scope management and change control within the project, ensuring changes are managed and approved through the appropriate organisational controls


  • Responsible for confirming that an effective, well-costed and realistic budget is in place at the start of the project
  • Responsible for monitoring the budget vs actual expenditures position on a monthly basis
  • Responsible for completing and regularly updating budget and resource allocation forecasts for programme activities and staffing
  • Responsible for managing expenditure and taking timely corrective action to prevent over and under-expenditure
  • Responsible for overseeing all sub-contracting arrangements with all programme service providers/suppliers, ensuring that all procurement policies are adhered to
  • Responsible for monitoring the performance of sub-grants, sub-awards and sub-contracts; including identifying and monitoring supplier performance measures, seeking corrective action/s as needed, and terminating contracts as/when required
  • Responsible for managing sub-contractual arrangements if/when required (in collaboration with Flowminder’s Data Governance and Compliance Counsel)

Quality assurance

  • Ensure quality standards relating to the Team's work are planned and performed correctly and are within tolerance
  • Ensure that all relevant quality and compliance checks have been conducted during the course of a sub-contract

Information Management

  • Responsible for ensuring up-to-date and accurate project records are maintained and the project data and documents, including contractual information and datasets, are effectively stored and managed in compliance with regulations (including GDPR, national regulations, and client/funder requirements)

Standards and methods

  • Responsible for ensuring that projects are delivered in compliance with Flowminder’s policies and procedures
  • Responsible for working with Flowminder’s Data Governance and Compliance Counsel to ensure the project is delivered in compliance with stakeholder’s regulations and local law

Project Management Office

  • An active member of the Project Management Office (PMO), supporting the development of the PMO, including input into strategy, planning and future direction discussions
  • Responsible for use of Project Management best practices
  • An active member of the business development team, supporting proposal writing and new project initiation, including conducting in-country visits to countries as required
  • Responsible for liaising with project stakeholders to identify potential extensions to projects both in terms of use cases and sources of funding

Strategic development and other tasks as required

  • Support Flowminder’s Senior Leadership Team regarding the rollout of any operating policies and guidelines, as well as any global frameworks that may be established
  • Attend relevant meetings as required at Flowminder, e.g. staff meetings, strategic planning sessions, team retreats, programme meetings (as relevant)
  • Undertake any other duties that may be reasonably assigned by the Line Manager

Skills and Experience


  • Experience in project management in a relevant field
  • Qualification or equivalent in a relevant subject (international development, public health, governance, social studies)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Strong track record of effective and efficient management and delivery of high-value contracts in a commercial, not-for-profit or international development setting
  • Strong analytical, management, and organisational skills, including attention to detail with an ability to work well under pressure
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment and proactively work to achieve consensus on policy, project, and administrative matters
  • Ability to work effectively in fast-paced and rapidly changing environments
  • Ability and willingness to travel internationally


  • Prince2 or equivalent project management qualification
  • Experience with geospatial analysis and/or geographic data visualisation**General information:**
    Contract - 12 months which can possibly be extended
    The candidate must be based in Ghana and have the right to work in Ghana

To Apply

Applicants should email careers+icpm0721@flowminder.org with the following (preferably in pdf format):

  • A brief expression of interest outlining why you are interested in being part of the work
  • CV(s) (2 pages) with details of relevant experience
  • An indication of your daily rate

Please note that due to the very high volume of applications we receive, we greatly regret that we are unable to send personalised acknowledgements or give feedback on applications.