Background information

The Flowminder Foundation is a non-profit foundation specialised in the use of big data for public policy and humanitarian purposes.

The OPAL programme (for Open Algorithms), originally developed by a group of partners from the MIT Media Lab, Imperial College London, Orange Group, Telefonica Group, the World Economic Forum and Data-Pop Alliance, will be operationalised by the Flowminder Foundation. It aims to spur the use of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) data for public good purposes in a privacy-preserving manner.

The data involved is known as Call Detail Records (CDRs). These are generated by an MNO when a mobile phone user makes or receives calls/SMSs or starts a data session on their phone. Use cases for these data include supporting the allocation of resources in disaster response contexts, improving disease spread models or planning public infrastructure work.

The objective of the Flowminder Foundation with the OPAL programme is to open access to such data at an affordable cost via a privacy-secure web platform to a wide set of stakeholders from the public and private sector while fostering the inclusion and inputs of the civil society on the kinds and uses of analyses performed on these data.

The OPAL programme will be implemented in collaboration with two MNOs, in Haiti and in a Western Africa country. The activities of this program will focus on developing and operationalising the technology, supporting the set-up of national committees with representatives from the civil society, developing the collaboration with the MNOs that ensure their long-term commitment, and supporting pilot use cases and capacity strengthening in both countries.


Flowminder is seeking an In-Country Coordinator who will meet regularly with relevant in-country stakeholders to provide information on OPAL, coordinate and provide logistics for OPAL activities in Haiti. The In-Country Coordinator will support Flowminder in the delivery of the project on the ground, liaising with the Mobile Network Operator collaborating with Flowminder as well as other in-country stakeholders from Haitian Ministries, Department and Agencies, from Multilateral Organisations, from civil society, the academic sector and the private sector.

Description of services required

Deliverables to be produced:

  • Monthly report on activities led in country;
  • Engagement and collaboration with partner organisations, with a strong focus on the Mobile Network Operator (MNO); 
  • Support Flowminder in the legal, management and technical processes at the MNO by being the primary point of contact for Flowminder at the MNO; 
  • Support MNO staff as appropriate in the management of the collaboration with Flowminder;
  • Contribute to setting-up new processes to optimise the effectiveness of the collaboration between Flowminder and the MNO;
  • Support with project Monitoring & Evaluation;
  • Communications and outreach with key stakeholders such as (but not limited to) government and multilateral organisations; 
  • Identify and help promote use cases for Flowminder;
  • Coordinate and attend stakeholder meetings in the Haiti and other NGOs;
  • Facilitating the set up, logistics and the activities of the Councils for the Orientation of Development and Ethics;
  • Logistics support for capacity strengthening activities;
  • Information gathering and reporting of ongoing big data for good related activities and projects in Haiti.

Customer and market discovery

  • Engage with the main stakeholder groups for the FlowKit and OPAL platforms to understand stakeholder requirements. The stakeholders include:
    • Donors;
    • MNOs and mobile data providers;
    • End-users, including:
      • internal and external users directly working with the platform;
      • external users who interface via an API / UI;
      • external users of data products who have limited interaction with the platform.
  • Research new stakeholders, understand the demand for the products and identify potential consumers
  • Stay up-to-date with industry competitors and competition product developments
  • Work closely with Flowminder’s engineering team to understand the constraints on what is possible.
  • Gather customer feedback to determine ways that we could improve the product

Product strategy & development

  • Set the long term vision and business strategy for Flowminder’s products
  • Communicate this strategy to all of the relevant participants and stakeholders.
  • Develop and own the product specifications and drive the development process
  • Partner with the Engineering team to manage product development
  • Work with the Project Manager to develop a budget for product development and marketing efforts

Business development and marketing

  • Oversee the development of marketing campaigns and advertising strategies (working with the Communications Manager)
  • Develop the business model(s) for the Product
  • Prepare regular reports about product revenue predictions and results
  • Discuss the Product with members of the press
  • Promote the Products at conferences and events
  • Meet with third parties to create strategic partnerships and pursue new business opportunities
  • Demonstrate the products to customers

About You

Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience of project management within the development and humanitarian sector (essential);
  • Experience of project management, preferably within the mobile phone industry (desirable) 
  • Experience working with national and international project stakeholders including government actors, donors, non government organizations (NGOs) and universities (essential);
  • Experience of highly technical or scientific projects and the ability to communicate technical/scientific content effectively (essential).
  • Experience of working with a Mobile Network Operator (desirable);
  • Experience from the Data for Development sector (D4D) (desirable);
  • Experience in working with/for large companies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) (desirable);
  • Experience in working with regulatory authorities in LMICs (desirable);


  • Knowledge and understanding of local and regional context (essential);
  • Excellent interpersonal, organisational verbal and written communication skills and appropriate and transparent decision-making skills (essential);
  • Advanced skills in logistics support and event planning (essential);
  • Excellent skills in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint; Google Drive (essential);
  • Familiarity with the Telecommunication sector (essential);
  • Familiarity with CDR data (desirable);
  • Familiarity with geospatial data (desirable).


  • Fluency in written and spoken English and French (essential).

Additional information

Whilst the project is taking place in Haiti, Flowminder’s team is based in Southampton (United Kingdom), Geneva (Switzerland) and Stockholm (Sweden).

To Apply

Closing date: 17/02/2023.

Applicants should email with the following (preferably in pdf format):

  • A brief expression of interest outlining why you are interested in being part of the work
  • Your day rate / estimated quote for the work
  • CV(s) (2 pages) with details of relevant experience
  • Confirmation that you are based in Haiti and have the right to work there.


Please note that due to the very high volume of applications we receive, we greatly regret that we are unable to send personalised acknowledgements or give feedback on applications. If you do not hear from us by 28th February 2023 you should assume that you have not been shortlisted. Only applications following the requested application format will be considered.


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