About us

Flowminder is a not-for-profit foundation that specialises in the analysis of anonymised mobile phone data, satellite imagery, and household survey data for humanitarian and international development purposes.

Our mission is to enable decision-makers to access the data they need to transform the lives of vulnerable people, at scale. We are striving to create a world in which decisions that can improve the lives of vulnerable people are based on the most appropriate evidence. We partner with decision-makers and key stakeholders in national and international data systems to produce high-quality data, strengthen capacity, develop new methods and tools, and leverage novel data sources to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

Flowminder researchers pioneered the use of mobile operator data for humanitarian purposes and were the first to use mobile operator data to monitor population movements following a large-scale disaster and a major infectious disease outbreak (the Haiti earthquake and cholera outbreak, 2010).

Context & Role

Flowminder has been active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since 2018, working in close collaboration with various organisations, including Mobile Network Operators, government agencies, international NGOs, and UN agencies. Currently, we are a technical partner of the DRC’s Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), and will be supporting the EPI under the Equity Accelerator Fund (EAF) programme, which aims to reduce the number of zero-dose children in the DRC -children who have received none of the essential vaccines – by 35% by 2025, with a focus on 11 provinces.

As part of this technical assistance, we will produce population mobility estimates, with a particular focus on four provinces (Haut Katanga, Kasai, Maniema, and Tshopo), over the course of the programme, and will provide data for the optimisation of vaccination sites’ placements. We will work closely with the EPI and other partners to ensure that the data produced are integrated in their decision making process and contribute to achieve equitable vaccination coverage.

We are therefore looking for a Kinshasa-based data trainer to support the take up of our analytical products by health workers of the EPI (central level, provincial data managers, health zone head doctors and nurses responsible for immunisation implementation).

Role Focus Areas

  • Deliver online and in-person training courses, seminars and other related learning events for data managers from the EPI, Ministry of Health (MoH), and data users (such as Medecin Chef de Zone), and from other government and non government agencies, who want to incorporate data-driven decision making in their immunisation planning and implementation activities. The training will cover two types of datasets provided by Flowminder 1) population mobility data and denominators per health zone updated every month and 2) suggested coordinates for outreach and mobile vaccination sites. The training on these two datasets should ensure their effective interpretation for operational usage;
  • Represent Flowminder in key meetings with the EPI, EAF partners, and other relevant stakeholders in country, delivering presentations with information that promotes and facilitates the use of population mobility estimates and optimised site placement data for decision making, aiming to increase their capacity in these topic areas;
  • Liaise with active and potential data users to raise awareness about the data content, signpost them to available useful areas, and support them in their user/learner journey;
  • Contribute to the production of publications about Flowminder data including presentations, brochures, white papers, articles, webpages.



  • Experience with time series data and time series analysis
  • Knowledge of geo-referenced data and GIS
  • Master’s degree or equivalent in a quantitative discipline such as statistics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, computer vision, AI, physics, economics, demography, theoretical ecology or medicine
  • Capacity to organise and deliver training
  • Capacity to engage with a varied range of stakeholders, including technical and non-technical partners
  • Skills and experience in public speaking
  • Fluent in French and strong working knowledge (especially technical) of English


  • Have a working knowledge of the health (immunisation programmes in particular) and humanitarian contexts in DRC;
  • Have a working knowledge of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) data and Call Detail Records (CDR);
  • Experience with engaging with governmental and humanitarian actors;
  • Capable of writing well-documented, maintainable code, for data analysis and data visualisation such as time series graphs and maps.

How to apply

Applicants should email apphia.yuma@flowminder.org with the following (preferably in pdf format):

  • A cover letter outlining why you are a suitable candidate for this position
  • Your CV (2-3 pages)

Please note that due to the very high volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We regret that we are unable to send personalised acknowledgements or give feedback for every application.


29 January 2024